Barschel - The mysterious death of a politician

Documentary Series


RTL Press Release: 

"Barschel - The mysterious death of a top politician", Suicide or murder? Documentary series focuses on the mysterious end of Uwe Barschel

The death of top politician Uwe Barschel made national headlines in the late 1980s. His demise is considered one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in the criminal history of the Federal Republic. Shortly before his death, Uwe Barschel was at the center of a huge scandal. The "Barschel Affair" had brought him down politically. Was suicide the last resort of the fallen politician or was Uwe Barschel murdered? The four-part documentary series is dedicated to the background of the case. New approaches and the insight into previously unpublished documents shed new light on the Barschel case. 

In the search for the cause of death, contemporary witnesses, investigators and experts have their say, some of them for the first time in front of the camera - including a former employee of the GDR State Security.


Written & directed by Michael Mueller
Authors: Michael Mueller, Till Derenbach
Director: Alex J Moll
Editor: Johannes Hiroshi Nakajima (BFS), Sebastian Gutte
Production design: Pierre Pfund
Costume design: Verena Reuter-Züll
Make-up: Yasmin Iqbal
Casting: Marc Schötteldreier Casting
Small actors/compares: Catharina Schwarze, Angel Pinar
Voice over actors: Bettina Rust, Josef Tratnik, Robert Steudtner, Mirko Lang
Mixing: Hendrik Bleier
Sound design: Matteo Bohé, Max Rodegra
Title Design: Julian Küffler
Production Management: Jörg Engles
Production management: Ed Ehrenberg, Len Reddemann
Production Management RTL+: Sebastian Daul
Post Production Supervisor: Ninette Botha
Post Production: Act HeadQuarter Media
Service Producer Gran Canaria: Adrián Zadunaisky Trapani (Film Solutions)
Service Producer Geneva: Dirk Appermont
Editing RTL: Ulrich Klugius, Marcel Amruschkewitz
Producers: Till Derenbach, Michael Souvignier

Reenactment Cast: Mirko Lang, Stephan A. Tölle, Oliver Troska, Ed Ehrenberg, Nele Kersten, and many more

Interview Partners: Dr. Eike Barschel, Heinrich Wille, Heiner Bremer, Dr. Bernd Buchholz, Dr. Norbert Buchholz, Peter Harry Carstensen, Jean-Noël Cuénod, Hans-Dieter Degler , Frank Döbert, Frank Garbely, Werner Kalinka, Dr. Trutz Graf Kerssenbrock, Peter Kloeppel, Wolfgang Kubicki, Karl-Heinz Prosch, Norbert F. Pötzl, Prof. Klaus Püschel und Wolfram Vormelker

"Barschel - The Mysterious Death of a Politician" is a commissioned production by Zeitsprung Pictures for RTL+.

We would like to thank: Gedenkstätte Deutsche Teilung Marienborn, Häcker's Grand Hotel Bad Ems, Thalia Theater GmbH Hamburg, Familie Fuchs, Viktoria Groß