The Rookie and the Cop - A Duisburg Crime

Crime Series


When a murder occurs in the vicinity of their neighborhood pub, the 'Ruhrpott-Flamingo,' in Duisburg, the determined pub owner Cornelia 'Conny' Majewski (Caroline Peters), takes matters into her own hands and infiltrates the police force as an outsider to solve the case. Much to the chagrin of her gruff superior, Oliver Dierks (Serkan Kaya). However, Conny has a heart in the right place and a special intuition for people - both qualities she knows how to use effectively in her new precinct beyond the bar counter...


Director: Marc Rensing
Screenplay: Anke Winschewski, Niels Holle 
Camera: Lars Liebold 
Editor: Amina Lorenz, Ole Heller
Production design: Pierre Pfundt
Costume design: Matthias Vöcking
Make-up design: Isabella-Sophie Beyer, René Jordan
Sound: Hank Trede
Cast: Marc Schötteldreier
Producers: Dominik Frankowski, Michael Souvignier, Till Derenbach
RTL Editor: Thomas Disch
RTL Executive Producer: Nico Grein
RTL Fiction Head: Hauke Bartel

Starring: Caroline Peters, Serkan Kaya, Merlin Rose, Sarah Bauerett, Moritz Führmann, Bineta Hansen, Lola Klamroth, David Rott, Stephan Bieker, Kais Setti, Charif Ounis, Beate Abraham, Claudius Steffens, Uwe Fellensiek, Denis Schmidt, Vita Tepel, Karsten Jaskiewicz, Cem Öztabakci, Konstantin Gerlach, Patrick Isermeyer, Wolf Danny Homann, and many more.


"The Rookie and the Cop - A Duisburg Crime" is a production by Zeitsprung Pictures (Producers: Dominik Frankowski, Michael Souvignier, and Till Derenbach) for RTL Germany. After an idea by Dominik Frankowski and a series concept by Anke Winschewski and Niels Holle. On the part of RTL Germany, the editorial responsibility for the project lays with Executive Producer Nico Grein and Editor Thomas Disch, under the direction of Hauke Bartel, Head of Fiction at RTL Germany.