online - My daughter is in danger

TV Movie


A mother tries to protect her daughter from an online sex offender. However, he is a perfect master of the Internet data trap. Furthermore, how can one defend oneself against an adversary who can spy on and manipulate one's own life down to the most secret account data?




Broadcaster: Sat.1
TV Editor: Thomas Biehl
Executive Producer: Michael Souvignier
Producer: Dominik Frankowski
Director: Oliver Dommenget
Camera: Georgij Pestov
Script: Timo Berndt
Line Producer: Till Derenbach
Production Design: Julian Augustin
Costume Design: Brigitte Nierhaus, Monika Buttinger
Make-up: Astrid Mariaschk
Casting: Marc Schötteldreier Casting
Music: Klaus Badelt Studio
Editing: Ingo Recker

Starring: Annette Frier, Jamie Bick, Johannes Brandrup, Knud Riepen and many more.