The diary of Anne Frank

Feature Film


When 13-year-old Anne Frank is forced to hide from the Nazis in Amsterdam with her family and four other people, a more than two-year period of hardship begins, which Anne Frank confides in her diary in a unique way.

Shortly before the liberation of Amsterdam, the hiding place is betrayed. Only Otto Frank survived the concentration camp and was able to make his daughter's legacy accessible to people all over the world. Our story refers directly and partly verbatim to Anne's diary.


Distributor: Universal Pictures International Germany GmbH
Executive Producers: Michael Souvignier (Zeitsprung Pictures GmbH), Walid Nakschbandi (AVE), Universal Pictures International
Director: Hans Steinbichler
Producers: Till Derenbach, Daniel Mann
Associate Producers: Philip Borbély, Bastie Griese (MMC Studios Köln GmbH)
Script: Fred Breinersdorfer
Camera: Bella Halben
Music: Sebastian Pille
Editing: Wolfgang Weigl
Sound Mixing: Michael Stecher
VFX Supervisor: Rolf Mütze
Production Design: Volker Schaefer
Costume Design: Katharina Ost
Make-up: Anette Keiser
Casting: Franziska Aigner Casting, Anne Walcher
Supported by: Film und Medienstiftung NRW, FFF Bayern, Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg, MFG, FFA, Deutscher Filmförderfonds, SWISSLOSS

Starring: Lea van Acken, Martina Gedeck, Ulrich Noethen, Stella Kunkat, Margarita Broich, André Jung, Leonard Carow, Arthur Klemt, Gerti Drassl, Florian Teichtmeister and many more.