The King of Cologne

TV Movie


In this comedy, a simple civil servant becomes the plaything of some super-rich people who want to make a killing on a planned major construction project. Before he knows it, the expectant father gets a few amenities and discovers that life in the semilegal is not so bad. However, a young prosecutor is already breathing down his neck and soon he has to decide which side he wants to be on: with those who do what they want or those who want what they do.


Director: Richard Huber
Script: Ralf Husmann
Camera: Robert Berghoff
Editing: Knut Hake
Casting: Marc Schötteldreier
Production Design: Irene Piel
Costume Design: Kerstin Westermann
Sound: Volker Henkels
Executive Producer: Michael Souvignier, Till Derenbach
Producer: Daniel Mann
TV Editor WDR: Nina Klamroth
Broadcaster: WDR

Starring: Rainer Bock, Joachim Król, Serkan Kaya, Jörg Hartmann, Judith Engel, Ulrich Brandhoff and many more.