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Oktoberfest 1900

2021Deutscher Fernsehpreis
(German Television Award)
Winner for "Best Series" and "Best Music Fiction"

(Michael Klaukien)

nominated in the categories :

"Best actor " (Mišel Matičević),

"Best Cinematography Fiction" (Felix Cramer),

"Best Music Fiction" (Michael Klaukien),

"Best Set fiction" (Benedikt Herforth, Astrid Poeschke (production design), Michaela Hořejší-Horáčková (costume), Jeanette Latzelsberger, Jana Lindner, Julia Rinkl (make-up)) and

"Best Series"

2021Bayerischer Fernsehpreis
(the Bavarian TV Award),

Actor (Klaus Steinbacher) won the “Young Talent Award” and Cameraman (Felix Cramer) won “Best Camera”


Dear Thomas

2021Black Nights Festival in Tallinn

Winner in the categories "Best Film" and "Best Actor" for Albrecht Schuch

 International Movie-Festival Emden-Norderney

Winner of the Creative Energy Award for script (Thomas Wendrich) and direction (Andreas Kleinert)




The King of Cologne

2020Fernsehfilmfestival Baden-Baden, Winner of the Special Award for Outstanding Acting Performance,
2020Manfred Stelzer Award for best Film 
2020Grimme Preis Winner for the “Marler Gruppe Audience Award” for Director(Richard Huber)


Screenplay (Ralf Husmann), Actress (Judith Engel), Actor (Serkan Kaya) and Actor (Joachim Król), 2020

Mackie Messer - Brecht´s Threepenny Film



Nomination in the category "Best producer feature film"


New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards

Award in the category "Feature films"


Film Festival "München"

Opening movie & nomination for the promotion award "new german cinema" in the categories production, direction, screenplay


"Hessischer" Film Award

Nomination in the category "Feature film"

Nomination for Lars Eidinger in the category "Actors national"

Nomination for Claudia Michelsen in the category "Actors national"

Gaby Köster - A simple cold would have been enough


International Emmy

Award for Anna Schudt as best actress

 German Television Award

Nomination for Anna Schudt as best actress

Duel of the brothers - The story of Adidas and Puma


German Television Award

Nomination for "Best television film"

  Nomination for Julian Augustin and Pierre Pfundt for "Best equipment"
  Nomination for Ken Duken as "Best actor"
 New York City International Film Festival

Award for Zeitsprung Pictures "Best narrative film"


Award for Oliver Dommenget "Best director"


Award for Torben Liebrecht "Best actor in a leading role"


Award for Nadja Becker "Best actress"


Award for Georgij Pestov "Best cinematography"


Award for Ingo Recker "Best film editing"


Award for Frederik Wiedmann "Best original music"


Award for Elisabeth Kraus "Best costume design"


Nomination for Ken Duken "Best actor in leading role"


Nomination for Picco von Groote "Best actress"


Nomination for Christian Schnalke "Best original screenplay"

2016German Academy for Television

Nomination for Brigitte Kohnert & Philipp Steffens & Daniel Mann in the category "editorial staff/producing"


Nomination for Rolf Mütze in the category "VFX/Animation"

The Barschel case


German television award

Nomination for "Best mini-series"


Nomination for Andreas Radtke "Best editing"


Award for Martin Brambach "Best actor"

 Grimme award

Nomination in the section "Fiction"

 German actor award

Award for Martin Brambach "Actor in a secondary role"


Nomination for Rainer Bock "Strong performance"

2016German academy for television

Award for Till Derenbach in the section "Producing"

2015Bernd Burgemeister award

Nomination at the movie festival in Munich

Only a handful of lives


Grimme award

Nomination in the section "Fiction"

2016BOBBY 2016

"Lebenshilfe" Media award

The diary of Anne Frank


"Bayerischer" movie award 2016

Lea van Acken as "Best newcomer actress"

 Jupiter Award

Nomination for Lea van Acken as "Best actor national"

 "NEW STARS @ Deutscher Filmball"

Lea van Acken as "Best newcomer actress"


Golden camera

Award for Leonard Carow as "Best newcomer actor"

2016New faces award

Lea van Acken as "Best newcomer acress"

 German movi award

Nomination for the "best scenery"

 "Metropolis 2016"

category: "Beste Regie Kinofilm"


Nomination for the european CIVIS cinema award


Nomination in the category GENERATION 14PLUS

Starfighter - They wanted to conquer the sky


German academy for television

Award for Denis Behnke in the section VFX/Animation


German television award 2015

Nomination: Best equipment

Desire - Zen murder


"Hessischer" television award

Best actress: Melika Foroutan

Landauer - The President


"Bayerischer" sports award 2015

Outstanding presentation of sports


German audio movie award 2015

Category: television

 German academy for television

Nomination for producer Michael Souvignier

2014Robert Geisendörfer awardCategory: television

Nothing like before


German television crime story festival

Audience award

 German television award 2014

Nomination: Best television movie

 "Robert Gneisendörfer" awardCategory: television

Blood money


"Bernd Burgemeister" award

Nomination at the movie-festival Munich



Audience award

8th International Film Festival for Children and Youth, Armenia


African film-festival in Italy

Best school movie


Bermuda film-festival, Bermuda

Best movie (audience award)


International film-festival Cine-Jeune in Saint-Quentin, Frankreich 

Grand Prix for the best movie

2010Audience award at the Mill Valley film-festival in San Fransisco

Best movie of 2010


Cinema for Peace “Honorary Award 2010” for Stefanie Sycholt

Best movie of 2010


"Fünf-Seen" festival in Munich

Best youth movie


ZIFF AWARD at the international film-festival in Zanzibar

Best direction (Stefanie Sycholt)

 UNICEF Children's rights award

Social commitment

 "Bernhard Wicki" award

Best direction (Stefanie Sycholt) 

 "DGB" movie award

Social commitment (Stefanie Sycholt)

Miss Böhm says no


IHK "Ernst-Schneider-Preis"

Category "Economy in entertainment" for the author Dorothee Schön


ver.di - television award 2010

Best direction for Conny Walther


Grimme award

Grimme award in the genre fiction for Senta Berger (actress), Lavinia Wilson (actress), Dorothee Schön (book) und Connie Walther (direction)


Golden camera

Beste actress for Senta Berger

 "Bayerischer" television awardBest actress for Senta Berger
2009Actor award of the german academy of performing arts

Outstanding acting performance for Senta Berger and Lavinia Wilson

 television film-festival "Baden-Baden"3sat audience award



Golden camera

Nomination as best actress: Anna Loos

 BAMBINominination for the audience award



Gold World Medal

"Best Mini Series" at the NEW YORK FESTIVAL

2008German television award

Best television film/mini-series

 Golden camera

Best german television film for Michael Souvignier


Best german actor for Matthias Brandt

 "FIPA D'OR - Biarritz"

"Grand Prix" for Katharina Wackernagel as best actress


"Grand Prix" for Benedikt Röskau for the best Script


Austrian television award in the category "Best television film" for Michael Souvignier and Adolf Winkelmann


"Bayrischer" television award for Katharina Wackernagel as "Best actress" in the category "Television film"


television award in the category "Direction" for Adolf Winkelmann

 XIII International TV Festival Bar Montenegro

Grand Prix for "Best mini-series"


Willi Weber in the category "Programme- and magazin-PR" for the best scenery


48. Monte-Carlo television Festival

"Goldene Nymphe" for Katharina Wackernagel as "Best actress" in the category "mini-series"

 "Robert Geisendörfer" award

Special award for thematic focus "Contergan"
direction award for Adolf Winkelmann


Katharina Wackernagel, Denise Marko and Benjamin Sadler for outstanding artistic performance


Golden Gong

Media Award of the TV-magazin "Gong" at the producer Michael Souvignier

 tz - rose of the week

for outstanding performance in cultural areas for Katja De Bock (Redaktion WDR - German editorial staff)


2008German television award"Best camera" fr Alexander Fischerkoesen
 German television award"Best equipment" for Ulrike Schütte and Matthias Kammermeier
 German television awardNomination in the category "Best editing"
 German television awardNomination in the category "Best visual effects"


Nomination for the audience-BAMBI


The Miracle of Lengede


Goldene Kamera

Category "Beste german television film"


Grimme Preis

Category "Fiction and entertainment"


Bayerischer Fernsehpreis

For Kaspar Heidelbach (Direction) and Götz Weidner (Production design)



Category "TV-Event of the year"