TV Movie


Spain in midsummer 1978: The experienced truck driver Miguel Mendes fills his tanker with highly explosive propylene gas. Unnoticed, he overloads the tank of his truck. The overloaded truck becomes a ticking time bomb! At the end of the 1970s, the fates of various German holidaymakers cross at a Spanish campsite. There they want to enjoy the most beautiful time of the year. They have no idea that only a short time later a catastrophe will befall them that will change their lives forever. Nothing will ever be the same again.




Broadcaster: RTL
TV Editor: Monika Hernandez
Director: Peter Keglevic
Camera: Alexander Fischerkoesen
Script: Timo Berndt
Executive Producer: Ica and Michael Souvignier, Rolant Hergert
Line Producer: Volker Hahn
Production Manager: Georg K. Kuch
Production Design: Matthias Kammermeier
Costume Design: Monika Buttinger
Make-up: Gerhard Zeiss, René Jordan, Maike Heinlein
Editing: Moune Barius

Starring: Tim Bergmann, Sophie von Kessel, Anne Luise Tietz, Herbert Knaup, Johannes Brandrup, Laura Tonke, Johannes Zirner, Hanns Zischler, Daniel Fehlow and many more.