Death of Daphne


In October, 2017, an exploding car bomb ended the life of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. The journalist had revealed how the country's corrupt elite had colluded with the Maltese government on setting up ofshore companies in Panama which laundered money. As a result, Galizia herself became the focus of attention by being the center of a hate campaign that was made to discredit her work, yet she remained steadfast in her reporting. In the end, her actions could only be stopped by assassination. For two years the call for justice fell on deaf ears - despite all the efforts from the European Council and Galizia's brave family, friends, and followers. Now the tables have turned as the mastermind behind her killing is in question alongside the Maltese prime minister.



Author & Co-Director: Tim Röhn
Director & Camera: Gelareh Kiazand
Editing: Indra Misiaczyk-Oster
Mix & Sounddesign: Fabian Matzen
Editing Assistant: Steve Wilson
Dramatugic Advice: Michael Mueller
Producer: Chya Oshnui
Executive Producer: Till Derenbach, Michael Souvignier
TV Editor ZDF/ARTE: Türkan Schirmer
TV Editor Lead ZDF/ARTE: Martin Pieper