Uninsured - All the best for the future

TV Movie


Based on true events. The insurance lawyer Franziska Schlüter (Henny Reents) prevents a company from having to fulfil justified claims by delaying procedures until they are time-barred. When a defrauded client takes his own life, she changes sides.


Director and Writer: Jörg Lühdorff
Camera: Philipp Timme
TV Editor WDR: Elke Kimmlinger
Line Producer: Jörg Christian Engels
Production Manager WDR: Oliver Wißmann
Producer: Katrin Kuhn
Executive Producers: Micheal Souvignier, Till Derenbach

Starring: Henny Reenty, Karoline Bär, Steve Windolf, Martin Brambach, Serkan Kaya, Daniel Wiemer, Picco von Groote, Simon Böer, Lorna zu Solms, Otto Emil Koch and many more.