Life crosswise

TV Movie


Caren Blumberg is seriously ill and urgently needs a new kidney. Her husband Sebi is not a suitable donor - due to a lack of suitable medical values. The situation is similar for a second couple, patient Jan Kempe and his wife Birthe. The common kidney specialist, Dr. Vollhard, suggests that the four of them donate their organs crosswise. However, in order to do so, the participants must prove to an ethics committee that the organ donation is done of their own free will, motivated by a special personal bond. In other words, the quartet has to prove that they are close friends. But the four quickly realise: basically, they don't like each other very much. Is their attempt at friendship - and thus their mutual organ donation - doomed to failure?


Director: Dagmar Seume
Script: Dagmar Seume and Annika Tepelmann  
Camera: Friederike Heß
Editing: Benjamin Ikes, Ingo Recker
Music: Fabian Römer, Steffen Kaltschmid
Casting: Marc Schötteldreier
Production Design: Ina Timmerberg
Costume Design: Brigitte Nierhaus
Executive Producers: Michael Souvignier, Till Derenbach
Producer: Katrin Kuhn
TV Editor: Petra Tilger
Broadcaster: ZDF / arte

Starring: Annette Frier, Christina Hecke, Benjamin Sadler, André Szymanski, Ava Montgomery, Philip Noah Schwarz, Lewis Köhl, Johannes Ahn, Ilknur Boyraz, Rainer Laupichler, Alexandra von Schwerin and many more.