Without a Trace – The Case of Nathalie B.

TV Movie


The TV thriller "Without a Trace - The Case of Nathalie B." tells the true story of Nathalie Birli, a young mother and triathlete who manages to escape alive from the hands of a brutal and insane kidnapper. A story that made waves in the international press, including the New York Times, BBC, Sun, Bild, Spiegel, and more.

The 26-year-old triathlete Nathalie Birli (Luise von Finckh) is eager to get back into sports three months after the birth of her daughter. She sets out on her racing bike for a training ride, while her husband Martin (Stefan Gorski) takes care of their child at home. Initially unaware of a car following her on a mountain road, Nathalie suddenly realizes when there's a collision, a fall, and an exchange of words with the driver (Dominic Marcus Singer) – leaving her unconscious! Concerned after Nathalie hasn't returned home after two hours, her husband becomes restless. However, the local police dismiss his missing person report. Martin believes every minute counts and initiates a large-scale search. Meanwhile, Nathalie regains consciousness, only to realize with horror the danger she's in.





Screenplay: Jonas Brand, Lia Perez
Director: Esther Rauch
Camera: Mario Minichmayr
Music: René Dohmen, Joachim Dürbeck
Editor: Cordula Werner
Production design: Veronika Merlin
Costume design: Veronika Albert
Cast: Marc Schötteldreier, Marion Rossmann
Executive Producers: Dominik Frankowski, Till Derenbach, Michael Souvignier, Livia Graf-Bechler, Klaus Graf
TV Editor Lead ARD Degeto: Niklas Wirth, Patrick Noel Simon, Christoph Pellander
TV Editor ORF: Andrea Bogad-Radatz, Georg Petermandl


Starring: Luise von Finckh, Dominic Marcus Singer, Stefan Gorski, Benjamin Sadler, Aglaia Szyszkowitz, Claudia Kottal, Robert Stadlober, Thea Ehre, Dimitri Abold, Yael Hahn, Lola Herbst, and many more.

"Without a Trace – The Case of Nathalie B." is a production of Zeitsprung Pictures (producers: Dominik Frankowski, Till Derenbach, Michael Souvignier) and Graf Filmproduktion (producers: Livia Graf-Bechler, Klaus Graf), in co-production with ARD Degeto (lead editorial departmetn: Niklas Wirth, Patrick Noel Simon, Christoph Pellander) and ORF (editorial: Andrea Bogad-Radatz, Georg Petermandl), funded by FISA+, Film in Austria (ABA), Fernsehfonds Austria, Cine Styria,and the Film Commission Graz.