Carl & Berta

TV Movie


From their very first meeting, the young Bertha Ringer is enchanted by Carl Benz's ideas and dreams for motorised locomotion. She fights a hard battle with her parents to marry him, for they fear that Bertha will be unhappy with an indebted engineer without the bourgeois security to which she is accustomed. In fact, Bertha will have ample opportunity to demonstrate confidence and stamina in her marriage, for Carl's invention requires not only technical know-how, but also a great deal of time, laborious investors and even more persuasion. Nevertheless, after hard years, Carl Benz succeeds in developing his combustion engine into a horseless carriage. When nobody wants it, Carl is ready to give up. Spontaneously, Bertha sets off on a pioneering journey with her sons to prove the car's roadworthiness.




Broadcasters: SWR, ARD Degeto, NDR, BR
TV Editors: Brigitte Dithard, Manfred Hattendorf, Hans-Wolfgang Jurgan, Daniela Mussgiller, Bettina Reitz
Director: Till Endemann
Camera: Lars R. Liebold
Script: Stefan Rogall
Executive Producers: Michael Souvignier, Mark Horyna
Line Producer: Till Derenbach
Production Manager: Aurel Beck
Production Design: Florian Haarmann
Costume Design: Thomas Hinzen
Make-up: Paul Schmidt, Doris Junker
Casting: Outcast
Music: Enis Rotthoff
Editing: Heike Parplies

Starring: Felicitas Woll, Ken Duken, Michou Friesz, Alexander Beyer, Benno Bings, Jonas Krstic, Johann von Bülow, Hansjürgen Hürrig and many more.