Marco W. - 247 days in Turkish prison

TV Movie


The initially carefree, dreamlike holiday trip to the Turkish Riviera ends dramatically for Marco W. (Vladimir Burlakov) and his parents Martina (Veronica Ferres) and Ralf (Herbert Knaup). Marco is arrested on the last day of his holiday and has to spend eight months in Turkish prison. It is 247 gruelling days under inhumane conditions: crammed into a small cell with 30 foreign, partly drug-addicted, adult prisoners. He is treated like a serious criminal. When Marco is finally able to leave the prison and return to Germany, months full of fears, hopes, despair, disappointments and defeats come to an end for him and his family...


Broadcaster: Sat.1
TV Editor: Jochen Ketschau
Director: Oliver Dommenget
Camera: Georgij Pestov
Script: Johannes Betz
Executive Producers: Ica and Michael Souvignier
Producer: Dominik Frankowski
Line Producer: Till Derenbach
Production Manager: Rolf Schleitzer
Production Design: Frank Godt
Costume Design: Maaike Dommenget
Make-up: Amal Boulos, Jens Bartram, Elisabeth Harlan
Music: Klaus Badelt Studio
Editing: Ingo Recker

Starring: Veronica Ferres, Vladimir Burlakov, Herbert Knaup, Luk Paff and many more.