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Transmedia (TV/Web/Radio)


The happy life of Johanna Berger (Victoria Mayer) is suddenly shaken: Johanna is haunted by nightmares, has the impression that she has been to places she has never seen in her life. Johanna is afraid of going crazy like her mother once did. Her family is in danger of breaking up. But Johanna is not ill. Someone else is taking control of her. Unbeknownst to her, she has become the target of a secret neurological experiment...




Broadcaster: SWR
TV Editor: Manfred Hattendorf
Director: Marc Rensing
Camera: Pascal Rémond
Script: Sebastian Büttner, Oliver Hohengarten
Executive Producer: Michael Souvignier
Producer: Dominik Frankowski
Line Producer: Till Derenbach
Production Manager: Aurel Beck
Production Design: Stephanie Schlienz
Costume Design: Juliane Maier
Make-up: Kerstin Baar
Editing: Steffen Wimmers

Starring: Victoria Mayer, Anna-Maria Mühe, Arne Lenk, Tobias Schenke, Oliver Stritzel and many more.