Landauer - celebrated, banished, forgotten



The film portrays the modern Jewish biography of the first half of the 20th century against the backdrop of National Socialism and explores the question of why so many stations of this life remain obscure to this day. The documentary aims to answer the question of who Kurt Landauer actually was. What made Kurt Landauer, on the one hand, a private person, a Bavarian, a Jew? And on the other hand, what made him, the football pioneer and club president Kurt Landauer, so unique for the history of FC Bayern Munich and German football.




Broadcaster: BR
Executive Producer: Michael Souvignier
TV Editor: Fatima Abdollahyan
Realisation: Nick Golüke, Michael Müller
Camera: Oliver Biebl
Editing: Dimitrios Lukas
Sound: Fabian Rautenberg
Mixing: Tobias Wendl
Music: Robert Papst
Colourist: Florian Wolf
Narrator: Götz Bielefeldt