Trapped - The K. Case

TV Movie


Wastl and Elke Kronach have been happily married for years. She is a successful investment advisor, while he is a renowned classic car restorer. It is a couple that is cherished by friends. As time goes by, Elke starts doing illegal business for her bank. She wants to live more and more, faster and faster in the fast lane. Wastl does not recognise her anymore. The estrangement of the once great lovers begins. He asks her to stop, asks for their old, shared, happy life. But she wants to end the relationship. Suddenly there are accusations that Wastl has beaten Elke. There is a divorce and court proceedings, in which Wastl is declared unfit to stand trial. He is committed to a psychiatric clinic. He fights against the daily arbitrariness of the clinic and tries to remain steadfast. His Munich stubbornness helps him. The hurdles are formidable, but he manages to make himself heard with the help of strangers whom he learns to trust. More and more supporters turn to him. The media become aware of his case and he is finally released after seven and a half years.




A Zeitsprung Pictures production, in co-production with ZDF and arte. Supported by FilmFernsehFonds Bayern.

Producers: Michael Souvignier, Dominik Frankowski
Director: Hans Steinbichler
Script: Kit Hopkins, Hans Steinbichler
Based on a novel by: Henriette Piper
Camera: Chrsitian Rein

Starring: Jan Josef Liefers, Julia Koschitz, Thomas Huber, Marcus Grüsser, Thomas Limpinsel, Stephan Schad, Francis Fulton-Smith and many more.