Blood money

TV Movie


Ralf, Thomas and Stefan suffer from haemophilia. The drug that saves their lives every day suddenly brings death to the three brothers when HIV and AIDS come to Europe from the USA in the mid-1980s. Thomas and Stefan become infected with HIV through a blood drug and die, while Ralf stays behind and finds out that his brothers and numerous other haemophiliacs had to die because an opaque coterie of pharmaceutical industry, state control authority, clinics and doctors prevented drugs from being produced safely and infected batches from being taken off the market out of greed for profit. Ralf does everything he can to bring the culprits to justice and gets involved in a David versus Goliath battle.




Broadcaster: ZDF
Executive Producers: Michael Souvignier, Mark Horyna
TV Editors: Günther van Endert, Petra Tilger
Director: René Heisig
Camera: Peter Nix
Script: Kai-Uwe Hasenheit, René Heisig, Regine Bielefeldt
Line Producer: Till Derenbach
Production Manager: Peter Kreutz
Costume Design: Brigitte Nierhaus
Make-up: Christina Paul,Bettina Heyl
Casting: Outcast
Music: Oli Biehler
Editing: Horst Reiter

Starring: Max Riemelt, Lavinia Wilson, David Rott, Fabian Busch, Charlotte Schwab, Rudolf Kowalski, Jule Ronstedt, Heikko Deutschmann and many more.