De Bläck Fööss - 50 Years of Kölsche songs


In our documentary we tell the story of the Bläck Fööss and explore the myth of the Bläck Fööss with Carolin Kebekus and Jürgen Becker. We look back on eventful times with current and former band members as well as companions such as Wolfgang Niedecken and the Brings brothers. From the revival of the session carnival to huge hits and the near-dissolution after 24 years due to Tommy Engel's departure.


Director: Wilm Huygen
Camera: Andreas Fröhlich
Authors: Andreas Fröhlich, Wilm Huygen
Production Manager: Len Reddemann
Executive Producers:  Till Derenbach, Michael Souvignier
TV Editor: Adrian Lehnigk